About Us

Vintage comes to Pakistan in the form of Ghanchi Rags Enterprise. Built in 1997, Ghanchi deals in vintage and retro clothing and accessories. Dealing mostly in import and export of vintage second hand garments, its main target markets are the East Asian countries.

Since 1997, Ghanchi is the leader in trade of vintage garments from Pakistan. It provides shipping to and from East Asian countries, with consignments of varied standards and quantities to fulfill the demands of the market. We have a collection of apparel from all over the world, including UK, Canada, UAE, Germany, and USA; whereas the quality products include a Vintage range of clothing, shoes, belts, bags and antique items.

It also provides exports exclusively to South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and Cambodia.

Our experience in assigning quality standards to our products makes sure our customers get the best products only. If something gets a bad rating from the clients, it is added in queue for recycling.

Our philosophy is to provide our clients with the best quality services; and this reflects clearly through gaining repeated orders and earning respect through experience.